What’s cooking you ask? Well, it turns out a lot….like a ton!! Thanks to some much needed printed press (The Times Call, March 3rd by Clay Fong) we have a bunch of new customers coming to see us. A very happy but tired Keith and Teresa. This brings me to my point…doesn’t anyone want a job in a family business?

I was recently at a meeting in which the unemployment rate was listed as 2.2% here in Boulder County. Thats outrageous and good for the economy but what about us small business owners? We’ve been advertising for partime help for over 6 months now, and not one applicant. This is where we envy those larger chains that can absorb these economic changes. We are too small to do that. Its a trade of making staff work longer than expected (and losing them) or owners working longer than the usual 75 hrs/week. Yuck. I understand why this industry is so difficult. All over our little town there are signs asking for help….I look on craigslist and almost every restaurant is advertising for help. Whats’ a business owner to do?

And yet I see the significance of our position in the area. There’s few places where you can go and get truly homemade biscuits and gravy or a green chili that we make ourselves. Its unusual and yet, its where we look to eat when we are traveling. I mean we make our own poptarts! Who doesn’t want that?
So we keep on plugging away and hope that someday someone will see our ad and need a few hrs of work each week.