So this whole small business thing is taking on a life of its own….and yet our family duties still sit waiting in the wings. The idea of a family vacation came to me 13 months ago. I realized our kids were going to be in high school in one year and a short 4 years later …..well, they’d be off to college. So, I put the Mom foot down! Every week I tucked $40.00 away. Gave each child instructions about how much they needed to work/save in order to hop a plane over the pond and go see my Dad’s family in the UK. It seemed insurmountable at the time…coming up with almost $5,000.00 just for tickets, but little by little we got there. A few months prior to departure time, our line cook left and the hunt for an experienced cook began. Well, we found him…and much, much more! Chef Mark joined the Mac’s Place family just in time. He and our brother in law hunkered down, learned the recipes and made our dream of two whole weeks away….a reality! It wasn’t easy but by all accounts things ran smoothly.

You have a lifetime to make money, but only a few years with your kids to make memories.