Ok, here’s a little information for how good it is to give. When I say give, I really mean give….like for free. No strings attached…unless you count a silent prayer that one day they’ll give you some business that you can charge for!
As a small business we get approached daily about donations and it not always possible but….we sure do try to make it happen. A few months ago we were asked by the Longmont Humane society about donating some appetizers to their biggest fundraiser of the year. We love animals and making some meatballs seemed doable….then they called back.
It turns out that they were expecting a big….well…turn out! They needed more than we could donate…like double-more. Gulp. Then it hit me that we have a great friend over at Frontiere Natural meats, Robert LaPoint and his has employees Richard and Jo Ann…so I gave them a call. Together we were able to make 300 Asian style meatballs with their Bison meat. It was a win for everyone and I think we were able to get the attendees a taste of something unusual and yet readily available. It was all for the animals and who is not a sucker for that line….speaking of lines….I had the best one all night! “Hi, my husband and I own Mac’s Place diner, would you care for some Bison balls?”